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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I begin?

Call our toll free number (1-800-327-9714) to speak with an account representative who will handle your claim in a personal and effective manner. Alternatively, you can email, mail, or fax your claims to our office (1-772-283-9100).

Immediately following receipt of your claim(s), an account representative will submit all pertinent information to our fully computerized data processing center for immediate assignment to a collection coordinator specializing in your industry or geographical location. Simultaneously a written confirmation is forwarded to your company.

Within hours the collection coordinator will contact the customer/debtor to make demand and arrange for payment.

If the debtor does not adhere to the payment arrangement, the account is forwarded to our “in-house” licensed private investigation agency, Dakota Investigations, Inc. (State License Number A-96-00220). Simultaneously, the account is sent to one of our in-house staff attorneys. One of the agency’s investigators then assigns the account to a licensed private investigator in the customer/debtor’s jurisdiction.

Every avenue is pursued to secure payment amicably. However, if all efforts to secure payment are exhausted, our “in-house” legal department will place your account with a local bonded attorney in the debtor’s jurisdiction. Should their efforts be nonproductive, and they believe that litigation will secure payment, we will submit suit requirements to you for authorization to proceed. It is not our intention to have your company invest in a litigious action only to secure a worthless judgment.

What is the procedure for international claims?

RMTC has recovered ten of millions of dollars in delinquent receivables through the world. As evidenced by our client list, we represent many firms whose sales depend heavily on the global marketplace. World commerce is changing rapidly, and it is no longer unusual to receive a claim in Singapore from a small business based in Topeka. Successful recovery requires effective tools, and RMTC is properly equipped to handle your claims worldwide.

RMTC’s pursuit of your foreign claim follows a path designed to implement the most efficient recovery process without compromising the integrity of your asset.

  • Immediately upon placement, your receivable is assigned to a specialist in international claims.
  • Simultaneously, an investigation commences on the subject company to identify information that might aid in the effort to resolve the matter effectively and judiciously.
  • When necessary, interpreters are employed for both oral and written communications.
  • In the event that our internal division cannot resolve the claim, a strategy committee convenes to determine the appropriate course of action.
  • Depending on its recommendation, your claim may travel several different paths. In rare instances, we may recommend immediate litigation. However, we typically first recommend forwarding your claim to a local specialist as an interim step.
  • RMTC will continue to monitor your claim and report to you, regardless of the path chosen to recover your asset.

What are your fees?

Our fees are contingent on performance. No recovery, no fee. We have no fixed fee schedule.

Your account representative is empowered with the authority to set the contingent rate based on the specifics of your particular claim. The age, balance and reason for non-payment of a claim all influence our pricing. We believe this flexibility is a key ingredient to our success in maintaining long-term relationships with our clients.

If you prefer a contractual fee schedule, we will happily oblige your request. Our Rate Review Committee will assess the projected annual volume, aging and average balance of placements in order to provide you with the most competitive program possible.

What is your track record?

75% of our recoveries are achieved with in 20 business days.

How soon will I receive my money?

All funds secured by our collection coordinators are processed through our CLLA-audited trust and disbursed to you immediately upon clearance.