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Leading Global Debt Collection Services

The experienced and deeply committed Global Collections team at Royal Mercantile Trust Corporation has afforded outstanding results in International Debt Collection to our worldwide client base for over 40 years.  We pride ourselves on a standard of excellence paralleled by no other agency in the business.

By maintaining close relationships with legal counsel abroad, our staff continues be educated on the local laws and provisions for the collection industry giving us the advantage and power of knowledge over our competitors.

Our International Debt Collection procedures are key asset that we offer to all of our clients.

In choosing to do business with Royal Mercantile Trust Corporation you will enjoy:

  • Amicable collection based on local laws at home or abroad
  • Knowledge of the legal system for disputed debts and problematic debtors
  • The ability to enforce payment of debts remotely keeping your integrity in mind
  • Execution of any judgments or payment orders that may result from the process

With seasoned professionals working on behalf of our clients, Royal Mercantile Trust Corporation
is ready, willing and able to yield excellent international results that won’t jeopardize your customer relationships.

Call or e-mail us today to discuss your claims with any of our US or International agents. 

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